Coaching in Education

Coaching and NLP are great skills that can support a whole school approach to improve learning, behaviour and well being. Having worked for over ten years in education as a secondary school teacher and with a significant involvement in Healthy Schools initiatives, raising awareness of Coaching and NLP in school communities is important to me.


That good old saying, "If I knew what I do now back then..."; to finish that statement I would add: "I would have had more confidence when I was a child about who I was, I would be more resilient, and I would have a range of tools for stressful and empowered moment. I would understand more about myself and others."


Another saying: "You dont know what you dont know". Now I know, I want everyone to know how coaching tools and NLP can help everyone individually but also as aa community.


Examples of what may contribute to a whole school approach:

Staff Training

Pupil Training

Self Coaching Promotion

Staff Coaching

Pupil Coching

Parent Coaching 

DISC Profiling (Staff/Pupils/Parents/Carers where applicable)


If you are interested in exploring a whole school coaching and NLP approach further, please do not hesistate to get in touch.


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